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Sper Scientific literature in PDF format

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Anemometers 840032
Datalogger with Data Lab Graphical Software
Flashing Belt
CFM Anemometers 840033
Anemometers/Thermometer 840003, 840004
Mini Environment Quality Meter 850070

Light Meters Selection Chart
Force Gauge 840060
Meter Accessories
Light Meters 840006,840021,840020
Light Meter 840022
Environmental Quality Meter 850071
Mini Environmental Quality Meter 850070

Moisture Meters 840050
Panel Meters

Sound Meters
Wide Range Pressure Meters 840065
Radiation Meters 840007,8400026,840024
Acoustical Colibrator
Electro Magnetic Field Tester 840025
Basic Type2 Sound Meter 840019
Graphic Display Sound Meter 840028
Mini Sound Meter 840014
Datalogging Sound Meter 840013

Torque Meter 840062
Verbal Alert Sensor 300201
Ambient Thermometer/Hygrometer 840025

Ambient Temp Thermometers 800018,800019,800020
Dataloggers 800050,52,54
Environmental Quality Meter 850071
Dial Hygrometer/Thermometer 736920,736930
Humidity/Temp Monitor 800016
Thermometers 800040r,800041r,800015,800017r
Wireless Thermometer Set 800025

Liquid-In-Glass Thermometer
Mini Environmental Quality Meter 850070
Galileo Thermometers
Thermometers 738720-471740

4 Chanel Thermometer 800023/24
Digital Thermometer 800013/16
Thermometers/Hygrometers 736680,736690,

Advanced Thermocouple Thermometers &
Hygrometers with probes, accesories and Data
Lab Software

Immersion Alarm Thermometer 800042
Basic Type K 800011,800012
Narrow Focus IR Thermometer 800002
Ultimate Thermometer 800043

Pocket Thermometers, Maximum Registering
Thermometers,Thermometer Armors, Standard
Taper Joint Thermometers, ASTM Thermometers,
Wall Thermometers 739520,739530,739540

Wheather Ball Barometer 739750
Weather Stations

Timers Charts 810005-810044
Stop Wathches Selection Chart
Water Resistant Wall Clock 810034R
Stop Clock 810032
Red Stop Watches
Red LED Clock 810031
Large Display Timers 810005/6,810034
Stop Watches 810035/36
Red Timers 810040/1/2/3/4, 810029/A/AR,
810037, 810013R, 810024/25/26R, 810034R

Stop Watches 810012/22
Clip On Stop Watches 810016
Stopwatches 810013/29/33
Simultaneous Start Timer 810027
Clip On Stopwatch 810016
Talking Timer 810038

Mini Time Controller 810030
Time It Software
Large Display Scientific CAlculator 830003

Solar Scientific Calculator 830005
Metric Converter 830009
Conductivity Meter 840039

Dissolved Oxygen Meter 840041
Liquid Handling Products
Refractometers (Digital)

pH Pen 840037
Battery Coolant Refractometer 300014
Water Quality Meter 850081
pH Meter And pH Kit 840008/18
Refractometers 300001-300011
Advanced pH Meter And pH Meter Kit 840035/36

Laser Pointers 330001, 330002
Recorders 100000,100002
Ultrasonic Cleaner 100005