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Thank you for requesting information on Tel-Tru products. PDF files of all Tel-Tru product literature and prices are within this CD. Navigate through the files by clicking on the tabs and links, and use the browser BACK button to return to this page.

At Tel-Tru we offer a full range of bimetal thermometers (more configurations and ranges than any other manufacturer in the industry). Tel-Tru manufactures and distributes temperature and pressure instrumentation products—thermometers, pressure gauges and transmitters—that are designed and manufactured for worldwide distribution to industrial, OEM, commercial, HVAC, and food service markets.

Tel-Tru Products

Bimetal Thermometers l Pressure Gauges & Accessories
Sanitary Thermometers l Sanitary Pressure Gauges
Glow Dial/Reflective Thermometers l Pressure Transmitters
Digital Thermometers l Temperature Transmitters l Thermowells
Gas Actuated Thermometers l Vapor Tension Thermometers
Glass Industrial l Surface Thermometers
Non Contact Infrared Thermometers l Temperature Calibrators

You may also download product literature from our website at If you would like more information on our products and services please contact one of our Customer Support Representatives at 800-232-5335 or 585.232.1440; they will be happy to assist you.

Specification Guide

For selection of temperature and pressure instruments
Prepared for use by engineers and specification writers

Literature Requests

Use this link to order Tel-Tru product literature and price lists for your staff and customers.





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