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Examples of savings 06/22/05:
                                    	VWR       Clarkson  	Discount
Meker Type High-Temperature Burners 	18215-007 B1370     	50%
Meker Type High-Temperature Burners 	18215-120 B1371     	40% 
Adjustable Tirrill Burners          	17980-027 B1375     	54% 
Adjustable Tirrill Burners          	17980-049 B1376     	53% 
Stainless Steel Dissecting Kits 6 piece	25610-001 STER 330-001	38%
Stainless Steel Dissecting Kits 9 piece	25640-002 STER 330-002	38%
Stainless Steel Dissecting Kits 8 piece 25620-005 STER 330-005	46%